AEO-F Security Declaration for Authorized Economic Operaters

CTS hereby declares the following:


  • Goods, wich are stored, forwarded or carried by order of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), wich are delivered to AEO or wich are taken for delivery from AEO are stored, prepared and loaded in secure business premises and secure loading and shipping areas. Goods are protected against unauthorized interference during storage, preparation, loading and transport within the terminal facility.
  • Reliable staff is employed for the storage, preparation, loading and transport of these goods.
  • Business partners who are acting on behalf of CTS are informed that they also need to ensure the supply chain security as mentioned above.

AEO Certification is an important step toward improved security in the delivery chain – a goal carried out in unison by the United States and the European Union. To this end, CTS has taken stringent measures, including the installation of viceo cameras and security gates. As of Jan. 2009 every container is therefore subject to an AEO security fee.




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