Location and catchment area

CTS Salzburg, an German/Austrian x-border railway station is one of the main railway junction points in Austria, located directly at the border to Bavaria.


CTS Salzburg is one of the most significant transport hubs for combined transport in western Austria, imbedded between the railway stations Salzburg/Gnigl and the German railway station Freilassing. The site is located directly at the TEN17 railtrack , connecting central Europe with the south and eastern European regions. CTS has an own motorway exit connection close to the junction of the A1/A10 and lies only 2 km from the German border. CTS therefore is the gateway for the Industry and trading companies in Salzburg, Bavaria, Upper Austria, Tyrol, Carinthia and Styria when it comes to overseas or combined transport.


We understand ourselves as an neutral gateway for multimodal transport, close to the Alps, link from the north to the south, transport hub for multimodal traffic between the European north- and south Ports. Located directly in the hard of central Europe.